Tried and Tested, Total Rust and 腐蚀 保护

Whether your products are being shipped overseas, sitting in inventory on a shelf or waiting for the next metal finishing process, they represent a significant dollar investment.

You want to protect that investment from rust and corrosion.  That’s where Hubbard-Hall can help. This is an aqueous line of rust preventives that are completely water-miscible, low to no VOCs and are easily removed for further processing such as plating, painting or powder coating.

Hubbard-Hall’s line of Metal Guard products offers 42 displacing variations specific for your needs.


Metal Guard 560


Designed to be the final finish.
溶剂型, water-displacing rust preventative, which can be applied by dipping, spraying or brushing.

Metal Guard 700


Prevention before corrosion.
An emulsion preventative offering outstanding corrosion protection during storage and transportation.

Metal Guard 830 HTF


Hot Test Fluid Additive
Metal Guard 830 HTF is a water-soluble, hot test fluid additive designed for high performance internal combustion engines.

This photo proves that Metal Guard 900 can provide over 2 months of rust and corrosion protection from the elements.

One-Step Outdoor Rust 保护

Simplify Your Process.
Metal Guard™ 900 is a viscous, solvent-based rust preventative for extended indoor and outdoor exposures on bare metal surfaces. Proven effective to protect against corrosion in one easy step.

One Step Application eliminating the need and cost of equipment. 看 快速剪辑 on the simple application and removal process.


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Water Based 腐蚀 Inhibitors

Operating Temperature
(ASTM d - 2247)
Metal Guard 800-D11

环境.5-5%48小时. (Over bare steel)steel, stainless steel
Metal Guard 830 HTF8.2环境 to 160° F5-20%50小时. (Over bare steel)castings, 铁、钢
Metal Guard 85011环境2-4%36个小时. (Over bare steel)铁、钢

Water Displacing Rust Preventative for Dip, Spray or Brush 澳门威尼斯人网上赌场

产品Base闪点Film Characteristic腐蚀 保护
(ASTM b - 117)
Metal Guard 450溶剂
142°FDry-to-touch48小时. (Over black oxide)x
Metal Guard 510溶剂/油145°FOily thin film100小时. (Over black oxide)x
Metal Guard 560溶剂/油142°FOily thin film180小时. (Over black oxide)x

Water Emulsifiable Metal Guard 产品s

产品推荐 Operating TemperatureConcentration腐蚀 保护
(ASTM b - 117)
腐蚀 保护
(ASTM d - 2247)
Metal Guard 320150°F5-20%100 hr. (Black Oxide, 10% solution)
Metal Guard 700环境50-100%360 hr. (Bare Steel, 100% solution)x

Wax Emulsions and Acrylic Resins

产品属性Concentration腐蚀 保护
(ASTM d - 1735)
Film CharacteristicStable Emulsion
Metal Guard 600Acrylic lacquer50-100%Clear hard filmx
Metal Guard 660Styrennated acrylic laquer50-100%Clear hard filmx
Metal Guard 914蜡乳液50-100%软干膜x
Metal Guard 916蜡乳液50-100%Clear non-tacky UV-traceable filmx
Metal Guard 919蜡乳液50-100%120+ hr. of water fog exposure干薄膜x

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